Well, our impersonator has now finally removed the Magnapoets logo I designed years ago, from his/her site, and removed the Magnapoets title from the domain I formerly owned. However, the name Magnapoets, which is registered to me under ISSN 1916-3010 still appears in the name “Magnapoets Game of the Century” as well as in the text of the post. On top of that, this person bought the domain with the sole intent of impersonating me, my publication, and stealing my work. If that sounds extreme, bear in mind that only recently my work and name and former email address appeared on that site under this person’s new ownership. Also bear in mind that I lost the domain due to credit card theft.

Since this matter is only in the process of being legally resolved, there will be more updates to follow.

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets