Magnapoets ( ISSN1916-3010) is a bi-annual 8.5″ x 11″ print journal featuring poetry, short stories, interviews, and essays. It was founded by Aurora Antonovic in 2005. It is published in January and July. Submission periods are May 1-31 and October 1-31, by email only. When submitting, be sure to include “Magnapoets” in the subject line. All work must be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.

Editor-in-Chief, Aurora Antonovic

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Dear Friends


While it might not appear that I am continuing action regarding the Magnapoets identity theft issue, rest assured, the best avenue is being pursued. Unfortunately, the person I am dealing with is mentally unstable, as well as morally corrupt, so a precise and methodical hand is needed. This will take time. In the meantime, if you could see the all-kinds-of-crazy emails I am getting from this person, you would surely see the kinds of problems internet activity can bring about.

Thank you to the many who have sent letters of support. You’re the best.
This will be resolved.

Until then,

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets

Illegal activities from illegal owners

Well, isn’t this fun. Someone who purchased the Magnapoets domain with the intent to impersonate me, was forced to take down my images illegally uploaded, but now they have other illegal images hosted on the site:  .   (Note: that the original link will no longer work because it’s been redirected by our identity thief, but the work is still illegally uploaded. If you cut-and-paste the link into your browser, it should still show) They have stolen their latest images from
While I’ve issued a UDRP claim, and told enom (the company that’s hosting this person’s site) to start filing on their end, it’s going to take time. This person, whose intent was to hurt Magnapoets publication, and myself, is letting him/herself in for a lot of legal trouble.


This is not me. Despite this person falsely using my name and claiming this is how to contact me, this is NOT my contact form:

This shows up under a search of my name, but it is not me. The only contact form that is safe is the one on THIS site.

UPDATE: Thank you,Google, for acting swiftly in removing it.

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets


This contact form isn’t me either:

Do NOT submit anything to that contact form. Despite the domain name, that is not affiliated with me or anyone associated with Magnapoets publication, and yes, that’s one more thing we’re taking legal action against.

Also beware of bootlegged copies of  Magnapoets. We’re sold out of anything I’ve ever published, so anything anyone else is offering isn’t a true Magnapoets publication.

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets


Well, our impersonator has now finally removed the Magnapoets logo I designed years ago, from his/her site, and removed the Magnapoets title from the domain I formerly owned. However, the name Magnapoets, which is registered to me under ISSN 1916-3010 still appears in the name “Magnapoets Game of the Century” as well as in the text of the post. On top of that, this person bought the domain with the sole intent of impersonating me, my publication, and stealing my work. If that sounds extreme, bear in mind that only recently my work and name and former email address appeared on that site under this person’s new ownership. Also bear in mind that I lost the domain due to credit card theft.

Since this matter is only in the process of being legally resolved, there will be more updates to follow.

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets

Identity Theft

Many of you are familiar with Magnapoets (ISSN1916-3010), the literary journal that I founded and edited for eight years now. Unfortunately, I have been the victim of identity theft this past year, and my publication, Magnapoets, has been affected.

Imagine my surprise when I returned to resume the journal, only to find that someone else was impersonating me and my journal. Imagine my horror when I discovered that it was someone I had mentored for the past few years, who decided to take advantage of my absence to steal my identity.

Last year I placed Magnapoets on hiatus while I was away. I publicly announced the hiatus, along with the return date (May 2013). During that time, my email addresses were hacked, and my credit card was stolen, which resulted in the loss of the domain, and someone claiming that Magnapoets had now been closed down. My work, and the work of our poets and photographers appeared on the site, along with the announcement that a new editor now owned Magnapoets.  This is completely untrue.

Magnapoets is owned by me and me alone. I have not sold the publication. I alone own the registration number and the right to the journal. I have taken successful legal action to get my work, and my writer and photographer friends’ work taken down, and I now am taking legal action against the person who did this. The DMCA takedowns are complete, and I am now filing a URDP claim.

Don’t be fooled. The URL is no longer affiliated with the real Magnapoets.  The present owner of the is still falsely using our name, but is now claiming to run a gaming site (now that he/she has been forced to remove our work from his/her site.) is no longer a valid poetry publication, and certainly not affiliated with me or any of my publications.

Magnapoets is still very alive and well. I have kept the publication on hiatus until the legal issue is resolved. In future, I might reveal the name of the person who did this, along with some rather bizarre emails from this person. That part I have yet to decide.

For now I will use this space to clarify any further issues of identity theft, and to protect those who trusted Magnapoets with their beautiful poems, stories, articles, artwork, and photography over the years.

One more issue of clarification. Someone by the name of Arti Honrao, who was published in Magnapoets years ago, after much mentoring and effort to make her work publishable, is claiming to work with Magnapoets. That is completely false information. Arti does not, and has not ever, worked with Magnapoets, nor will Arti Honrao ever work with Magnapoets. The information she has posted in this article is false.

Hopefully, next time I post, I will have happier news to share with you.

Until then, do NOT submit to anyone claiming to represent Magnapoets, or who claims to be the new owner of Magnapoets. I’m still very much alive and well. 🙂

UPDATE: Despite being issued a DMCA takedown, someone has decided to hang onto Magnapoets‘ work: Take a look at the dates on the covers, and take a look at the upload dates. Someone has gone to a lot of work to snatch old covers and old images from Magnapoets journals, and our books from the anthology series. Very, very creepy.

UPDATE 2: Okay, this person has now removed my work from the site, but still is using the name Magnapoets without authorization.  The parental directory now looks like this: .I hope this person gets the help that she/he needs. Still working on the legal aspect of this. I am so thankful that Canadian business registration is so detailed – it keeps our work protected.

UPDATE 3: I’ve also marked Magnapoets here.

Aurora Antonovic

Editor-in-Chief, Magnapoets (ISSN1916-3010)

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